Super Comfortable Ergonomic Inflatable Pillow

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  • Comparing with Traditional Pillow: It gives you many ways to position your head for comfort, you can lay against it in front, lay face side against it partially in face openning etc. This scientificially proven AIR PILLOW surely can hold your head and body in a better ergonomic position, help you to say goodbye to stiff neck, sore shoulder, make you easier to relax, fall asleep, and also stay asleep longer

  • Durable Construction for Long Last: Every single of our INFLATABLE PILLOW is made in specially choosen material of strong, durable, water-proof and life time guarantee. It is applicable to use in camping, travelling, school, office, airplane etc. Contributing to the inflated size of 14.6"L*13.8"W*20.1"H, your neck & head gets the comfortable support, which provide optimal spinal health for all of you

  • Easy to Inflate & Deflate: For inflation, please open the second valve to blow air, quick infaltion in 4-8 breaths, fast inflation in 3-4 breaths, it is recommended to blow more air to the pillow for firmness. For deflation, just open the valve to squeeze the air towards the vale port. The top protation is for sealing the air from the inlfated pillow

  • Non-slip Base Holds This FLIGHT PILLOW in Place: With the combination of round and square design in pillow bottom, this TRAVEL PILLOW devoted itself to prevent slippage and constant adjustment for peaceful rest

  • Super Compact Ultralight Travel Pillow: This NAPPING PILLOW can be folded to a small package size of 3.9"L*5.9"W, it is very easy to carry it in your backpack or pocket with the ultralight weight of 11.2oz ( 320g ), easily attaches to luggage


" Perfect! I was looking for this travel pillow for a long time. You get a small bag and instructions on how to use it. Looking forward to my travels. Good value and purchase! Thanks seller. "

" I just got my travel pillow very nice packing nice pouch "

" For use in the car when arrive early somewhere and you can not pain in the neck "

" Cool! now flying will be more comfortable! thank you! "